FreshClean - Better, Simpler, Cheaper, Cleaner

FreshClean FreshClean is a simple concept. 

A powder phosphate free formulation that arrives with you in a 5kg tub or 700g tub which you then dilute for maximum cleaning power.  FreshClean is the only cleaning product you will ever need and will add real value to any contract; not only does it continue to ‘do what it says on the tub’ but is now even better, with a vastly improved sustainability credential.  

  Proven to:-

  • Fulfil CSR responsibility - reduce plastics to landfill by over 90% 
  • Reduce space needed to store your commercial cleaning chemicals
  • Boost cash flow (take advantage of Just In Time ordering)
  • Improve margins

New Look, New Formula, New FreshClean

Following months of research and testing, we are pleased to announce that new formula FreshClean is now:

  • IMG 5331Totally phosphate free – significantly reducing its environmental impact.
  • Hard water area friendly – an added water softening agent, greatly improves the product performance particularly in hard water areas.
  • Improved fragrance formulation and reduced in fragrance concentration – we have altered these slightly, building on FreshClean’s green credentials and ensuring that use in confined areas is now less overpowering!

If you want to know more about the changes we have made click here, or if you are new to FreshClean and would like to request a demonstration to feel the true benefits, contact us or call our sales team today on 01753 655 076 and we will be pleased to assist.

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