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FreshClean is widely used in the world of transport, and we have recently been making exciting inroads into the Rail Industry and Airport Terminal cleaning. Although  we are relatively new to this Stanstead Airport Arialmarket, train, station and airport operators are quickly becoming aware of what RJN Chemicals has to offer with its products and in a very short period of time we have been successful in securing business with a number of train and station cleaning contractors and operators directly. Trials are ongoing with a number of operators nationwide and we expect this market sector to grow significantly.

Why Choose RJN Products for your Train, Transport or Airport Cleaning?

Northern TrainWhen considering the challenges that this sector faces with regards cleaning there are a few obvious contenders for tough customers to deal with.  Our clients in this sector have to deal with the challenge of high traffic environments, carrying thousands of people everyday to their destination and back as well as high levels of graffiti "art" which can cause offense and a nuisance to other users,

A clean and presentable train/bus/coach or plane is crucial to your passengers who having paid for a service within your environment expect it to be clean and hygienic around them - all of this can be achieved through a very simple and effective process of cleaning and sanitising with products from RJN.

Our clients have seen some incredible results from the change to our products and  have managed to save an  average of 35%  on their cleaning chemical budgets in the process of converting to our powdered cleaning products.

Which Product Should I Choose?

For the vast majority of Transport, Train and Airport cleaning contracts we recommend using a combination of our  FreshClean and  SanitiserPlus products.

IMG 5344FreshClean has been tried and tested on almost every conceivable surface that you could find and has been proven time and time again to remove stubborn dirt and grease which gets ground in quickly in high traffic environments.  It is a reliable deodoriser which means that you can have peace of mind that all public areas will benefit from a long lasting and fresh scent.

Supplied as a powder, FreshClean can be diluted to have the concentration altered to suit the cleaning need - even graffiti can be removed from most surfaces and the dirtiest of carpets come up new with minimal effort and product!

sanitiser-plus-trialSanitiserPlus product can be used in areas where hygiene is important or cross contamination is  possible.  SanitiserPlus has a killing power of 99.99% and deals with CDiff and MRSA, when used at the recommended dilution.  SanitiserPlus is great for sanitising and disinfecting areas including public toilets and washrooms, handrails and door handles.

Whichever you choose you can be confident of the best service and value for money when you choose RJN Chemicals.

Call us on 01753 655 076 for more information or visit the FreshClean and SanitiserPlus websites.

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