Housing Associations and Estates Cleaning

social-housing picSupplying the needs of the social housing market is very much our 'specialist subject ‘and is key to our business strategy.

Why Choose RJN Products for your Estates Cleaning?

A clean environment within housing association complexes and social housing estates is key to encouraging an enhanced and healthier lifestyle. Residents and tenants are proven to take more pride in and care of their environment, when it is clean and hygienic around them - all achieved through effective estates cleaning.

These contracts often provide the toughest cleaning challenges.  Our clients in this sector are surprised time after time at the amazing results achieved by our products and in the process of converting to our powdered cleaning products have saved themselves an average of 35%  on their cleaning chemical budgets.

Which Product Should I Choose?

For the vast majority of housing association or social housing and estates cleaning contracts we recommend using FreshClean. Our FreshClean product has been tried and tested on almost every conceivable surface, from concrete stairwells to stainless steel lifts and is a proven dirt and grease remover as well as deodoriser. IMG 5427

The concentration of the FreshClean solution can be varied to suit the cleaning requirement - even graffiti can be removed from most surfaces with minimal effort!

However, our newly introduced SanitiserPlus product can be used in areas where hygiene is paramount and the spread of germs needs to be kept under control.  It has the same great cleaning power as FreshClean but sanitises and disinfects as it goes, making it perfect for public toilets and washrooms, stairwells, handrails and door handles.

SP Social MediaWhichever you choose you can be confident of the best service and value for money when  you choose RJN Chemicals.

Call us on 01753 655 076 for more information or visit the FreshClean and SanitiserPlus websites.

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