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Our products are perfect partners for facilities management and commercial cleaning companies with a medium or large scale contract commitment and it is here we can make the most impact on profit margins.

Altro FlooringCleaning challenges will vary considerably from contract to contract, but all of our clients have a commitment to safe, effective cleaning whilst maintaining a healthy regard for their 'bottom line'. For this reason, we are proud to work with many of the largest and most successful FM and CleaningTerazzo Flooring Before  After Companies in the country. 

When times were good it was very easy to rely on the convenience of a 'ready for use' trigger spray and dispose of it to landfill when finished but this is costly both financially and environmentally.

In the current economic climate where there is real pressure on budgets and margins, and when the Government is introducing new measures for sustainability, FreshClean and SanitiserPlus really come into their own in the commercial cleaning market.  

IMG 5427Consider the option of using FreshClean or SanitiserPlus:

A trigger spray of FreshClean costs just 5p and will tackle 90% of all cleaning challenges including graffiti. When comparing this to many 'ready for use' products that can cost £3.00 or more, we think the choice is simple!

Recent improvements to our formula and new measuring spoons ensure that using our products are guaranteed to save you time, money and effort.

SP Social MediaIf your contract demands a sanitiser or disinfectant as well as a cleaner and degreaser, SanitiserPlus is the perfect option.  With all of the cleaning power of FreshClean and an added sanitising agent, SanitiserPlus is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA and C.Diff making it suitable for hospitals and other high hygiene environments. 

SanitiserPlus still delivers great value to your contracts for less than 20p per 1 litre trigger spray refill.

Call one of our team today on 01753 655 076 to discuss which product is most suited for your contracts or if you know which of our products you need then contact us to arrange a demonstration with absolutely no obligation.

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