Sustainable cleaning – what does it mean?

Sustainable cleaning is about meeting cleaning needs without compromising future generations’ needs.

It means reducing consumption as well as reducing emissions so that the world’s resources are preserved and pollution is reduced.

Use of concentrated products like FreshClean or SanitiserPlus can help businesses to meet sustainability and CSR targets. In diluting the product at the point of use, immediate, vast savings can be made on energy and emissions as, by distributing our product in a powder form, warehousing and transportation costs are greatly reduced compared with a water based product sold ready for use.

We supply our own printed trigger spray bottles so that your cleaning staff can refill and reuse rather than committing empty trigger sprays to landfill, further enhancing your company’s sustainability credentials. A 5 Kg Tub of Freshclean will make up 2000 trigger sprays now that is very environmentally friendly! 

Powder is the solution

It makes perfect sense for your business to be aware of the environment whilst at the same time keeping your costs low to retain a competitive edge, so how can this be achieved?

Our products have been specifically developed with sustainability in mind.  Our latest product enhancements make our range even more environmentally sound.  However, we are committed to continually reviewing and improving our product wherever possible in this respect. 

SustainabilityBut does sustainable cleaning come with a financial price tag?

Put simply, no. As well as offering your business a credible alternative to your existing cleaning and sanitising products, using FreshClean or SanitiserPlus can offer significant financial benefits for your company too.

As little as 5p worth of our Freshclean concentrated powder formula, topped up with water in a trigger spray bottle, will clean stainless steel and glass as effectively as any branded, ready to use product.

Want to know more?

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