CSR - Your Responsibility is Ours

FreshCleanWe know that as a responsible organisation, you need to seek out and engage with suppliers who are as committed to their environmental, social and charitable responsibilities as you are.

As manufacturers of cleaning chemicals we recognise the importance of approaching the way that we develop products in a sustainable fashion.  We commit also to doing business in a co-ordinated fashion and support that with a strong commitment to CSR in all that we do.

Consultation with our staff and customers have given us the opportunity to produce this document which outlines our commitment to each of these areas and which ultimately benefits you as a customer.


LorryWe strive to achieve the most sustainable product offering currently on the market.  To reach this goal we have significant ongoing investment into the research of the impact of our products on the environment and the development of the product to counter any negative impact as far as it can be within legal constraints placed by European and Health and Safety law and that will not compromise the product quality and performance.

The impact on the environment is something that we also consider in the transportation and storage requirement of each of our products and we will seek to continually innovate and improve the product to achieve the minimum carbon footprint generation possible.


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Environmental Policy

At RJN we are committed completely to making as many reductions as we can in our real and sustainable positive impact on the broader community in which we live and work.  We believe that it is essential that both as a firm and as individuals we should operate in an environmentally conscious manner.

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We believe it is important for businesses charities and communities to be closely linked and that we are able to provide help within communities.  This we choose do through the support of our partners and staff who take part in activities organised both by the firm and by themselves.   We also provide work placements for local students and support for educational establishments.

bibic-logoWe support the charity bibic with monetary and product donations. We support other charities through monetary donations given via payroll. In addition, we provide products free of charge where appropriate. We seek to encourage all our contacts to play a significant part in the development of local communities.

Our Ethical Policy

We maintain the highest level of professional integrity in respect of all business and personal relations,  we support the principles of the Human Rights and Equality and labour rights through its business practices, expecting its partner and suppliers. 

The concept of ’mutual respect’ is one of our guiding principles and we do not accept discrimination, bullying or any other kind of harassment within our business community.  Employees are expected to abide by company rules and to be honest and considerate to all those they deal with.

Our Review Process

RJN undertakes an annual review of this  statement and will seek to evaluate this strategy and where necessary, update and improve our policies on an ongoing basis. As part of this process, we will monitor our progress against our objectives to ensure compliance.

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